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  1. Oh Deckard, where's your cane?

    Can you see stars with all the rain?

    So much wisdom, and no such fame.

    Perhaps a game, yet all the same.

    Prisoner of war, but who's to blame?


    Knowledge of battle you contain.

    You still have your life, so don't restrain.

    Identify for heroes, who need the name.

    Stay alive, Deckard! Don't die in vain!

    Just enough time, for one last game...


    A vital move against evil's reign.

    Ensures survival, though his spirit tame.

    In death's slumber; no pain the same.

    At least in death, sleep you gain;

    Into heaven's light without refrain...


    For Honor 

    of Deckard Cain


    1. Mike


      Thank you for sharing this great piece of poetry with the community, StoneHair. ?

      With your permission, I will aim to include it in the Diablo II project one way or another.

    2. StoneHair


      "No one should ever be caged" Barbarian

      You have my permission

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