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Codename: Jerusalem

An unannounced original title by Millaire Industries, in the works since 2015

Diablo II

Relive the Blizzard North classic as reimagined by us, with interfaces rebuilt for HD and other enhancements

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    Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by my Patreon page!

    avatars-000136987684-yb4zrf-t500x500.thumb.jpg.d2df367d2f2da6ff1c5fd8f634afdf02.jpgI'm Mike Millaire and, since you're here, you might already know me as yours industriously, a poet, independent game developer, community manager and more.

    If you like what I do and want to support me, my projects and my emergent Community, click the 'Become a patron' button.

    What do you get by becoming a patron?

    As my patron, you will be assigned the greatly esteemed Supporter or the infinitely awesome Upholder status over at the Community of Millaire Industries, where I host my creative projects. This will enable you to get exclusive access to pre-release information and downloads before everyone else. And if I decide to create a Discord server, your exalted rank will apply there as well!

    So, you're probably wondering, what exactly am I working on right now?

    Let's see...

    Current major projects:

    Enhanced Edition - a total conversion modification of Blizzard's Diablo II: Lord of Destruction that allows you to immerse yourself in the darkened world of Sanctuary. And did I mention it's HD?
    The project's creed is to stay fanatically true to the game's core mechanics, lore and aesthetics, and my creative direction ensures this rule is strictly enforced.

    Codename: Jerusalem - an unannounced original game in the works since 2015. There is very little information about it available, other than a few old tweets and this piece of music:

    There are also somewhat vague plans to publish a poetry book, a modest compilation of both my already-known and never-before-seen haiku poems. Someday. Maybe.

    Anyway, thank you for your time. Signing off.

    Yours industriously,

  • Current Patreon goal

    $30 - 30% complete

    When I reach $30 per month, the Community's basic server and software licensing fees will be covered for the time being - all thanks to you!

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