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Enhanced Edition (D2SE) TAINTED-2.2

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Revision: TAINTED-2.2

Issues to be aware of in this pre-alpha release:

  • When operating in Widescreen (16:9) resolution mode, the game's built-in screenshot functionality does not work as intended (screenshots are corrupted) [bug]
    Recommendation: you can use ReShade to to circumvent this bug
  • The limit of summoned minions is not enforced correctly, allowing the player to summon potentially infinite minions [bug]
    Recommendation: do not play summoner-type character builds to avoid this bug
  • The limit of set traps is not enforced correctly, allowing the player to set potentially infinite traps [bug]
    Recommendation: do not play character builds using traps to avoid this bug
  • The Unsummon skill does not work as intended [bug]
    Recommendation: do not play summoner-type character builds to avoid this bug
  • Using the Potion of Regret to reset attributes and skills will crash the game [bug]
    Recommendation: do not purchase or use the Potion of Regret to avoid this bug
  • Some interface panels may have transparency issues, such that allow you to see through elements that are supposed to be dark in colour [minor issue]
  • Under rare circumstances, hostile areas may be populated with non-standard shrine types that may act unexpectedly and potentially crash the game when used [warning]
  • Portal shrines may crash the game when used but are disabled and should not spawn under normal circumstances [warning]

Features included in this pre-alpha release:

  • Interfaces rebuilt for 1366x768 (and 1024x768), which scales beautifully to 1920x1080 [in progress]
  • A comprehensive character statistics panel [mostly done]
  • Expanded personal inventory storage capacity [mostly done]
  • Expanded personal stash storage capacity (16x15 vs vanilla 6x8) [done]
  • Expanded Horadric Cube storage capacity (8x8 vs vanilla 3x4) [done]
  • PlugY multi-page stash and shared stash compatibility [compatible]
  • Sven's Glide wrapper compatibility [compatible]
  • ALchemy 3D sound compatibility [compatible]
  • More explanatory labels for mercenary companions [mostly done]
  • Fully equippable mercenary companions [in progress]

Features only partially included in this pre-alpha release:

  • New skill additions (note that all original Diablo II Lord of Destruction skills and builds are intact) [in progress]
    Notes: new skills are implemented but none of them are made available to player characters in this release
  • Ability to reset attributes and skills [in progress]
    Notes: due to a bug, there is currently no way of resetting skills, but attributes can be freely redistributed as described on the character statistics panel
  • Unique graphics for each Unique and Set item [in progress]
    Notes: only select Unique and Set items have unique graphics at this time
  • Throwing potions made viable [in progress]
    Notes: throwing potions are made available for purchase from alchemy vendors, but no other changes to increase their viability have been made yet
  • An AI overhaul of mercenary companions [in progress]
    Notes: all mercenary companions received new, more aggressive and generally smarter AI, but work in this regard has just started
  • An in-depth overhaul of the Lord of Terror encounter [in progress]
    Notes: the overhaul is purely cosmetic as of now - Diablo received new voice lines and sound effects 
  • An in-depth overhaul of the Summoner/Jazreth encounter [in progress]
    Notes: Jazreth the Summoner received new, greatly improved AI, new voice lines, a new look (more lore-correct for a Vizjerei mage), but the related Arcane Sanctuary map revisions are not available yet, which may make dodging his attacks much more difficult than intended
  • Addition of NPC allies to hostile areas [in progress]
    Notes: Rogue scouts have been added to select Act 1 wilderness areas; if slain by monsters, they will turn into hostile Dark Rangers

Features not included in this pre-alpha release:

  • Ability to enhance items [in progress]
  • New Unique items [not started]
  • New item Sets [not started]
  • Addition of new items to existing Sets (where it makes sense) [not started]
  • New mercenary companion types/classes [in progress]
  • Dialogue, voices and personalities for mercenary companions [not started]
  • An option to hire multiple additional mercenary troops ('cannon fodder' different from equippable mercenary companions) [in progress]
  • Other boss encounter overhauls [not started]
  • Addition of new boss encounters [not started]
  • Revision of troublesome areas (the Arcane Sanctuary and Maggot Lair in particular) [in progress]
  • Addition of new optional areas to explore [not started]
  • Additional NPCs to interact with in existing areas [not started]
  • Addition of new main story quests (Act 4) and side-quests [not started]
  • Addition of new content/storylines for Nightmare and Hell difficulties [not started]



What's New in Version TAINTED-2.2


Fixed: Issues and crashes related to the inventory and NPC trade panels should now be fixed [fix]

Fixed: Gold should now drop less frequently from regular monsters [fix]

Fixed: The Summoner's skillset was reverted to vanilla skills. This is a temporary fix to make it easier to progress through Act 2. [fix]

Misc: Removed more unnecessary files from Patch_D2.mpq [optimization]

Misc: The Enhanced Edition installers should now automatically detect your Diablo II installation folder and install files into the correct subdirectory without the need for manual path entry. Advanced users can, of course, install the files to any directory and manually carry them over to their desired location. [convenience]

Enhanced Edition (D2SE) - for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction 1.13c or older

  1. Download and install D2SE Modmanager by Seltsamuel in the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction directory.
  2. Download and install Enhanced Edition (D2SE), ensuring that the installer points to your Diablo II: Lord of Destruction directory.
  3. To play the Enhanced Edition: run D2SE, select Enhanced Edition and click Start Plugin.

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