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“It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts” - Mahatma Gandhi

Looking for Diablo II Remastered? 

Welcome to the homepage of Diablo II Enhanced Edition, the long-awaited community remaster and overhaul project!
The Enhanced Edition is an unofficial modification of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, featuring the works of nearly 30 contributors, in development since 10 July 2016.

The project's creed is to stay fanatically true to the game's core mechanics, lore and aesthetics.

“Back in 2016, when I was revisiting Diablo II: Lord of Destruction after a few years' break, I noticed one thing in particular that bothered me: the game was blurry as hell. I started looking into high resolution mods that offered to address this problem. I found that they either completely strayed from the Diablo II aesthetic by replacing the interface with Diablo III derivatives, or did not alter the interface at all and simply placed the small panels (originally designed for 640x480!) in the centre of my screen.” - Mike Millaire

It was then that he started the painstaking effort of rebuilding nearly all of Diablo II interface panels from the ground up, in a manner such that would not only make them look and feel better in high resolutions but also preserve, and build upon, the original art style to the fullest extent possible. We will let the results speak for themselves.

The project was called the Enhanced Edition, inspired by Beamdog's work on updating the legendary Infinity Engine games. With time, as community feedback was gathered, the planned scope of the Enhanced Edition progressively grew from a simple interface overhaul to a more thorough modification, a re-envisioning of Diablo II under Mike's creative direction that would aim to enhance what Diablo II already does well and edit out some of the game's shortcomings.

In our development processes, we constantly ask ourselves: what would the original teams choose to do, had they more development time and resources to spend, and what independent choices would they make were they free of constraints imposed by their business-oriented superordinates? Our subjective answers and speculations add to the growing planned feature list.

Community suggestions and requests are always welcomed and encouraged.

And so are contributions. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to the project, please get in touch with Mike.

Feel free to try out our recent public releases, though do note that the project's current status is that of an early pre-alpha, which means few features and many major bugs.

There is also a Discord server. You can join it via this link.

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  2. Iroha

    Great work!

    Awesome project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Mike,
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  4. akarvi

    Great work!

    Hi, great work!, thanks! Now D2 works with Glide on my Linux in widescreen mode! UI is beautiful. Hope you fix the summoner bugs soon! Oh and support for 16:10 resolution would be nice. Greetings aka
  5. When crafting the Ethereal property is removed from the item. Bows Cannot be Ethereal, Phase-blades and its lower tiers are not found with the Ethereal property. Ethereal items are granted a -10 stat require reduction. ~ I like what blizzard did here but can't we make getting an Ethereal weapon more exciting xD. - Weapons: +50% base damage. - Make weapons have an innate weapon-speed advantage?- Armor: +50% base defense. - Make Armors naturally lighter? For Example, if I find ethereal <- Light (Armor-type) has no speed penalty but makes you faster instead attributed by Ethereal property. This would only apply for Body Armor and Shields which are the only items that weigh down the character affecting their speed. I was also thinking of a special property like (Tyrael's) but that would have to be a really rare for -100% requirements. Tyrael's Might Character sprites don't show Ethereal Body-armor would be really awesome to see this fixed.
  6. The crafting system for Hit Power Items, Blood Items, Caster Items, Safety Items. Is (in Vanilla) very limited to what type of gear bases you can use. It would be nice to see this system elaborated on. For example, Class-specific gear i.e (Nec-Heads, Barb-Helms, Assassin-Claws, Druid-Pelts, Sorc-Orbs, Amazon-Bows, Paladin-Shields). A lot of the Affixes are also useless for armors/weapons because of the low stats. A re-haul of the same system w/e crafting material would be a substantial additive to the loot system.
  7. Hardcore possibly Softcore CRAFTING system evolving around alchemy. Body parts obtained by battle (pvp) to craft gear with alchemical properties. I.E obtaining an ear from a battle and using it with the cube, to make an Item with BLOOD properties. (Life, LL, etc) Maybe using Clvl if possible for different alchemic synthetic materials. (Tiered added affix properties.) Could obtain different Materials from different types of characters. Keeping it short... You get the idea.
  8. Hello @Albraxes That is the intended behaviour. As we noted on the release page: New skills are not available for player use in the TAINTED-2 series of releases. What you can currently see is just a static preview of the skill tree expansions that can't be interacted with in any way. The ability to use the new skills will be enabled in the upcoming release series, TAINTED-3, along with many other new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, TAINTED-3 is still a ways off, and I can't accurately estimate when it will arrive.
  9. hi all, just started playing amazon and i see the 6 horizontal skills but i can only click on the first/ original 3 skills and not the new ones. i cant even look at its descriptions as its unclickable. do i need to get to a certain level or there is something wrong?
  10. Update: The following community-requested features are now confirmed to be in development: Active 'charm zone' in main inventory Automatic gold pickup Hotkey shortcuts for inventory management
  11. Hello everyone ! I have two ideas in mind. 1- Would they be fun to have some unique ability after doing a special quest for each class on a total of six to three choices? 2- The gems would have given birth to special gem like share example Ruby + Sapphire = Charoite Chipped 2-3 Fire Damage +0-2 Cold Damage, 1.0 sec Duration + 5 to Life + 5 Max Mana + 6% Fire Resist + 6% Resist Cold Total of 28 new gems but available with only the cube horadrim and triple highest level required. New Chipped 3 New Flawed 15 New Regular 36 New Flawless 45 New Perfect 54 Thanks you for read me ^-^
  12. The encounter with the Summoner, Jazreth, always felt underwhelming, especially since it has its own quest log entry and a lot of background lore behind it. In the Enhanced Edition, the encounter as well as the Arcane Sanctuary where it takes place will be thoroughly revised. The walkways throughout the Arcane Sanctuary will be made wider, so that players and enemies don't get stuck as easily. It will also be easier to find Horazon's Journal and the new arena-like open space, where the battle with the Summoner will be taking place. Here's a slightly out of date Dev Preview of the Enclave area: And, yes - the Summoner will actually summon minions. It's being worked on. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  13. The Enhanced Edition's new Nightmare difficulty storyline will at one point enable you to revisit the Monastery of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, also known as the Eastgate Monastery. While you were busy chasing the Prime Evils, the Sisterhood managed to reclaim their ancestral home. The world of Sanctuary after the Worldstone's destruction. Below you will find a series of images and videos detailing our project's progress on restoring the Monastery for use in the Nightmare difficulty storyline. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  14. Bored of going through the same quests and events three times? The Enhanced Edition will introduce a new storyline for the Nightmare difficulty, which will pick up right where the Normal difficulty storyline left off. “And a child will cradle Terror in his breast as the heart of man falls under the shadow. A Wanderer will pass through the ancient lands trailing chaos in his wake. The Three Brothers will be reunited as the mortal world trembles before their might. And so it was foretold that the Three, once reunited, would be shattered again— And the last of them would set his sights on the holy mount. The warnings held that Their defeat would be illusory—that the final gambit had yet to be played...” - the Prophecies of the Final Day (excerpt from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual) Upon that Final Day, after the defeat of Baal, the Lord of Destruction and last of the three Prime Evils, it became clear that the Worldstone which protected the realm of Sanctuary from both demonic and angelic interference, has been corrupted by the Evils' influence. Unknowing of the possible consequences of such corruption, Tyrael, Archangel of Justice, was forced to act in haste, and ultimately decided sacrifice his life to destroy the Worldstone, an act that itself could have unforeseen implications for humankind as well. Tyrael, wielding El'druin, the Sword of Justice, was uniquely equipped to perform this task, for it was said the Sword would cut through any substance in existence. And so begins the Nightmare; the Archangel of Justice himself, always regarded as humanity's protector, is revealed to be a mere tool, the final gambit of the Prime Evils' elaborate machinations. As it turns out, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred and the eldest of the Three Brothers, orchestrated everything from the safety of the Black Abyss, where the heroes of Light so readily banished him. “My power is beyond the mortal coil.” - Mephisto Without the Worldstone acting as a dampening barrier, Mephisto's subliminal powers would seep into the realm of Sanctuary unobstructed. As it was prophesied: [...] The righteous shall fall upon the wicked, and lay siege to the very gates of Hell. And he shall take peace from mankind, and loose great Destruction upon the earth. The Lord of Hatred shall ascend his throne, and the fires of Hell shall devour all. And he shall mete out his vengeance upon all flesh, and the blood of innocents shall run as great torrents. Who then shall be saved? - an unknown savant (from 1999 E3 Diablo II trailer) Terrifyingly, the tendrils of Hatred that you've seen twist the entire religion of Zakarum will spread unrestricted throughout Sanctuary, sowing discord and conflict where Light used to be. Not only will you be faced with the Army of Hatred, carrying the burning standards of Hell... you will have to wisely choose your friends. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  15. The Enhanced Edition will expand the skill trees of all character classes, both horizontally and vertically, following the principles of our skill design methodology. In the first stage of skill additions, we are focusing on horizontal expansion, i.e. adding skills unlocked at character levels 1 to 30. “We wanted to put cooler stuff toward the bottom.” - David Brevik Each of the seven character classes will have their amount of skills doubled, which means a total of 210 skill additions. We are going from 3 skill columns on each tab to 6, employing a layout that is symmetrical to the placement of the original skills. Our main aim in this stage is increasing the skill variety available to each character class. While all character classes will maintain their traditional flair and dominant theme, the boundaries between them will become more blurred, allowing for playstyles previously associated with one class to be applicable to others, creating new and interesting combinations of skillsets. This could be interpreted as an introduction of multi-classing into the existing class system, though we see it as a very slight nod in the direction of the first instalment of the Diablo series, where spells were largely transferable between classes, with each class having their unique ability and aptitude. For example, the Barbarian will be able to focus on bows or crossbows. His use of these missile weapons will differ from that of the Amazon, however. Where the Amazon predominantly uses magic to enhance her arrows, the Barbarian bowmaster prefers sheer brute force, overdrawing his bow to deliver devastating physical damage. The Necromancer will be able to specialize in melee fighting with daggers or polearms, much like a Barbarian would. He will also gain the ability to construct bone turrets that will channel magic missiles and launch them against his enemies, in a manner similar to the traps laid by an Assassin. Both the Necromancer and the Sorceress will have more choices with regard to the shapes and forms of magic they are able to evoke within the restrictions of their elemental specialities. While the Necromancer will be able to spew a jet of noxious fumes, the Sorceress will have the similar ability of unleashing a continuous flow of cold or lightning, in addition to the fire-based skill she already had. The Sorceress might also call forth elemental minions not entirely unlike the fire golem animated by a Necromancer. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  16. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the project's approach to and understanding of the skill system. The following is a series of excerpts from the Enhanced Edition broader design document with some additional commentary. The D2EE skill design methodology is deeply rooted in and derived from the principles of experience gamification theory. Skills with no level requirement, i.e. those occupying the very top row and available right from the start, are basically seen as a character class' way of gently saying "hello" to you, the player. Their primary purpose is to introduce you to key concepts and mechanics specific to a class as you set your first steps in the world of Sanctuary. The D2EE design document divides skills that do have a level requirements into 4 distinct tiers, each of them denoting a phase of your character development journey in linear progression. Tier 1 skills, unlocked at levels 6, 12 and 18, are relevant to the "discovery" phase of your character's development, and their main purpose is to help you learn the basic playstyles available to your character class. Between levels 12 and 18 you will have identified some, if not all, playstyles your class could excel at. At some point around or past level 18, you will have chosen your basic playstyle. This is why level 18 is marked as a major turning point in your character's development, and why it roughly coincides with the finale of Act 1 (which is, of course, deliberate). Tier 2 skills, unlocked at levels 18, 24 and 30, are relevant to the "onboarding" phase of your character's development, and their main purpose is to allow you to refine, expand and gradually master your chosen playstyle, so that you can (deservedly) feel smart and accomplished. Between levels 18 and 24, you will have precisely defined your character's favoured skill types, and you will have become adept at using them by level 30. The advancement past level 30 will, in many cases, add the "icing on the cake" to your character build. If your skill choices were sound, you will be able to defeat the Prime Evils and your build will be considered a successful one. Congratulations! This is the point where Blizzard North said something in the lines of: yeah, we're done here, let's go grab some beer. And that would probably be all okay if there were no other difficulty modes or character level progression past Normal. The thing is that there are difficulty modes past Normal. Two of them! And an ability to advance at least up to level 99, which is three times as many levels as the original game design anticipates. To properly address this, D2EE will (eventually) introduce two further skill tiers and make your character development journey truly complete. Tier 3 skills, unlocked at levels 36, 42 and 48, are relevant to the "midgame" phase of your character's development, and their main purpose is to enable you to fine-tune the character build you mastered during Normal mode to your liking, and in a way such that allows you to better tackle the challenges of Nightmare mode. At some point around or past level 48, you will become confident that your character build is fully evolved, "ready for everything" and future-proof. This is why level 48 is marked as another major turning point in your character's development. Also worth noting is that level 48 is an approximate half-way point in progression towards level 99. Tier 4 skills, unlocked at levels 48, 54 and 60, are relevant to the "endgame" phase of your character's development, and their main purpose is to reward your dedication by enabling you to personalize your playstyle and your character in ways not possible before, and to employ new creative gameplay strategies. Advancing to and past level 60 will unlock creative capabilities empowering you, the player, to influence the very workings of your ultimate skills, in a way such that allows you to craft a truly unique identity and flair for your character. If you have any thoughts after reading through the above information, feel free to post them in the project discussion forum.
  17. We are pleased to announce that the TAINTED-2.2 revision of the Enhanced Edition is now available. It is strongly recommended that all current TAINTED-2 series users upgrade to TAINTED-2.2. New in this release: Fixed: Issues and crashes related to the inventory and NPC trade panels should now be fixed [fix] Fixed: Gold should now drop less frequently from regular monsters [fix] Fixed: The Summoner's skillset was reverted to vanilla skills. This is a temporary fix to make it easier to progress through Act 2. [fix] Misc: Removed more unnecessary files from Patch_D2.mpq [optimization] Misc: The Enhanced Edition installers should now automatically detect your Diablo II installation folder and install files into the correct subdirectory without the need for manual path entry. Advanced users can, of course, install the files to any directory and manually carry them over to their desired location. [convenience]
  18. Urgent: It seems that inventory issues still persist in some installations. Another hotfix release will be uploaded soon that will, hopefully, eliminate those issues once and for all.
  19. We are pleased to announce that the TAINTED-2.1 revision of the Enhanced Edition is now available. It is strongly recommended that all current TAINTED-2 users upgrade to TAINTED-2.1. This is a hotfix release that introduces no new features compared to TAINTED-2. Fixed: Inventory issues and crashes when using Classic resolution mode (hopefully) Misc: Removed unnecessary files from Patch_D2.mpq D2SE: Glide should now work correctly
  20. Updated the installer to include glide3x.dll. Hopefully this will prevent Glide issues from happening on new installs. Meanwhile, some users are reportedly experiencing issues with the inventory panel, such as an inability to place items in the inventory and crashes when viewing the inventory. We're looking into these problems. We have now confirmed that there is a bug with the inventory, and we are working on a fix. Update: The inventory panel bugs will be fixed in revision TAINTED-2.2.
  21. I was surprised by this event because glide3x.dll was already in the modmanager directory. Also I checked other modifications, there are more than 10 of them, in the MODS folder, they all start normally.
  22. Thank you for the report. Seltsamuel's D2SE Modmanager should install glide3x.dll automatically. If the file is present but Glide still does not work, it may be helpful to run D2VidTest, found under D2SE's Display Options, and restart the computer.
  23. D2SE version does not start 08:46:11.527 ***** UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005) 08:46:11.527 Fault address: 062DC962 01:0000B962 E:\Games\D2SE Modmanager\glide3x.dll Adding this dll (glide3x.dll) solved the problem
  24. Thank you for the report. I have a fix for your issue @NxHunter I determined that having the Enhanced Edition render correctly in windowed mode via Cactus is achieved by following these steps: set the "-w -3dfx" flags in Cactus, run glide-init.exe found in your game directory, navigate to settings under Mainmenu, tick the window-mode parameter and close glide-init.exe, proceed to Launch the Cactus platform. If you wish to play in full-screen mode again after that, you will have to untick the window-mode parameter in glide-init.exe, as those settings are written to your computer's registry and apply globally, not on a per-platform basis. Notes: the issue occurs because the Game.exe executable defaults to the unsophisticated DirectDraw video mode when launched with the "-w" flag. The additional "-3dfx" flag is necessary to enable the more advanced video modes, like Glide. However, Sven Labusch's Glide wrapper defaults to full-screen mode, therefore it is necessary to modify the above-mentioned setting parameter if windowed mode is desired.
  25. Issue type: Graphics Description: A noticible difference is seen between the brightness of the application when launched in Fullscreen, or with the "-w" flag in Cactus (not tested within D2SE) Please find images below displaying the difference. Fullscreen Windowed
  26. We are pleased to announce that the TAINTED-2 revision of the Enhanced Edition is now available. Please consult the release notes on the file page for information about features and issues.
  27. 35 downloads

    ReShade is a generic post-processing injector for games and video software developed by crosire. If you would like your Enhanced Edition to look similar to our screenshots and videos, we recommend installing ReShade and using our preset. For the preset to work correctly, ensure you select the following shaders during ReShade installation: AdaptiveSharpen.fx Bloom.fx Clarity.fx FilmicPass.fx LevelsPlus.fx Technicolor.fx UIMask.fx Vignette.fx In our preset, we also make use these two shaders freely available on GitHub: Comic.fx (gives the game's assets a slightly smoothed look and intensifies black borders) ArcaneBloom.fx (makes smart adaptive adjustments to brightness levels) Place their files in the respective subdirectories of your reshade-shaders folder. It is not recommended to install more shaders (unless you know what you are doing). Each additional shader will make the shader compilation process take longer as well as negatively impact the game's performance if enabled. Inside the Preset.zip available here, you will find our preset itself (Enhanced Edition Preset.ini), which you should place in your game directory, and a PNG file (UIMask.png) which goes to your reshade-shaders/Textures folder. The purpose of the UIMask.png file is to prevent some shaders from affecting a specific section of the screen. Please note that the UIMask.png file is designed to work with the Widescreen (16:9) resolution mode and is incompatible with the Classic (4:3) mode. If you've done everything as described, you should be able to enable the preset in-game and enjoy visuals equivalent to what you see in our screenshots and videos. However, be advised that the final effect may vary depending on your specific hardware setup, display settings and other factors. You may also want to adjust some of the preset's settings, such as the intensity of sharpening and bloom effects, to suit your personal preferences and specific setup.
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