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Mike Millaire

Feature Requests

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If you have any feature requests, post them in this topic. A community wishlist is being compiled that will help guide the project's development.

Community Wishlist:

  • unique abilities for each class after doing a special quest [post link]
  • special gems mixed with Horadric Cube (example: Ruby + Sapphire = Charoite) [post link]
  • body parts obtained through PVP battle to craft gear with alchemical properties [post link]
  • expand/revise the Horadric Cube crafting system (Hit Power, Blood, Caster, Safety items) [post link]
  • revise ethereal items [post link]

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone !
I have two ideas in mind.

1- Would they be fun to have some unique ability after doing a special quest for each class on a total of six to three choices?
2- The gems would have given birth to special gem like share example Ruby + Sapphire = Charoite Chipped
2-3 Fire Damage +0-2 Cold Damage, 1.0 sec Duration  + 5 to Life + 5 Max Mana  + 6% Fire Resist + 6% Resist Cold
Total of 28 new gems but available with only the cube horadrim and triple highest level required.

  New Chipped  3      
  New  Flawed  15      
  New  Regular  36      
  New  Flawless  45      
  New  Perfect  54    


Thanks you for read me ^-^
Edited by Mike Millaire
Thanks for the ideas, we'll add them to our list.

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Posted (edited)

Hardcore possibly Softcore CRAFTING system evolving around alchemy. 

Body parts obtained by battle (pvp) to craft gear with alchemical properties

I.E obtaining an ear from a battle and using it with the cube, to make an Item with BLOOD properties. (Life, LL, etc)

Maybe using Clvl if possible for different alchemic synthetic materials. (Tiered added affix properties.)

Could obtain different Materials from different types of characters. 

Keeping it short... You get the idea.

Edited by Mike Millaire
Thanks for the idea, added to our list.

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The crafting system for Hit Power Items, Blood Items, Caster Items, Safety Items.

Is (in Vanilla) very limited to what type of gear bases you can use. It would be nice to see this system elaborated on.

For example, Class-specific gear i.e (Nec-Heads, Barb-Helms, Assassin-Claws, Druid-Pelts, Sorc-Orbs, Amazon-Bows, Paladin-Shields).

A lot of the Affixes are also useless for armors/weapons because of the low stats.

A re-haul of the same system w/e crafting material would be a substantial additive to the loot system.

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Posted (edited)

When crafting the Ethereal property is removed from the item. Bows Cannot be Ethereal, Phase-blades and its lower tiers are not found with the Ethereal property.

Ethereal items are granted a  -10 stat require reduction. ~ I like what blizzard did here but can't we make getting an Ethereal weapon more exciting xD.

- Weapons: +50% base damage. - Make weapons have an innate weapon-speed advantage?
- Armor: +50% base defense.  - Make Armors naturally lighter?

For Example, if I find ethereal quilted.gif <- Light (Armor-type) has no speed penalty but makes you faster instead attributed by Ethereal property.

This would only apply for Body Armor and Shields which are the only items that weigh down the character affecting their speed.

I was also thinking of a special property like milabregasrobe.gif (Tyrael's) but that would have to be a really rare for -100% requirements.

Tyrael's Might

Character sprites don't show Ethereal Body-armor would be really awesome to see this fixed.

Edited by zykoz
Thanks, added to our list.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/13/2019 at 4:05 AM, Mike Millaire said:
  • body parts obtained through PVP battle to craft gear with alchemical properties [post link]

The Problem here is... what about Hardcore-Players? Rush Chars to lvl 9 and slay em to obtain those crafting stuff? U should atleast add another way 2 get those craft stuff... or retinker the whole idea.


My Ideas:

  • Check out Path of Diablo Mod ... Corrupting Uniqs, which can give em more than 1sox is a great way 2 empower uniqs coz Runewords are simply much better than uniqs in Vanilla
  • Rare items should become better stats so they can compete with Uniqs/RWs (Yes, i know, some rings, amulets and very special rares in vanilla are already nice...)
  • Quality of Life Improvents like Autoparty
  • Diablo Clone should be more easy to access (not via SOJs or only 1 SOJ needed to sell?)
  • Make Dclone stronger
  • Enhance Uber-Tristram / Balance Dia, Baal, Meph
  • "Random" Dungeon for Endgame?
  • Rework some useless vanilla Uniqs
  • Change Enigma?
  • Make summon Dudu work plz 😛
  • Autopick Gold
  • Better Rates on Goldfind Affixes, which could enhance Gambling-Possibility
  • Higher chances for gd Items in Gambling
  • Fix Eth Armor Bug
  • Give all Classes better ways for movement similar like Teleport from sorc.
  • Item Filters?


Edited by Catyuo
edit: coz more ideas

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My wife and I are both longtime players of both Diablos (refuse to acknowledge the cartoony trash of III).  Our suggestions:

1. Hellfire level!  This was a cool, creepy mod in Diablo I that was missing in II.  Yeah, the cow level is cute, but nowhere near as gross/bizarre.  A portal in town to Hellfire would be sweet.  

2.  Better arcane/magic attacks: holy/arcane/magic damage isn't great, and could use some tweaking to be competitive.   Could tie nicely to the higher level skills already in dev.

3. Blood magic for necro: you could have blood fountain, blood wave, fist of blood, etc; would look really awesome and add a whole new subset to the character (why is it just poison and bone?)



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