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Mike Millaire

Feature Requests

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If you have any feature requests, post them in this topic. A community wishlist is being compiled that will help guide the project's development.

Community Wishlist:

  • unique abilities for each class after doing a special quest [post link]
  • special gems mixed with Horadric Cube (example: Ruby + Sapphire = Charoite) [post link]

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone !
I have two ideas in mind.

1- Would they be fun to have some unique ability after doing a special quest for each class on a total of six to three choices?
2- The gems would have given birth to special gem like share example Ruby + Sapphire = Charoite Chipped
2-3 Fire Damage +0-2 Cold Damage, 1.0 sec Duration  + 5 to Life + 5 Max Mana  + 6% Fire Resist + 6% Resist Cold
Total of 28 new gems but available with only the cube horadrim and triple highest level required.

  New Chipped  3      
  New  Flawed  15      
  New  Regular  36      
  New  Flawless  45      
  New  Perfect  54    


Thanks you for read me ^-^
Edited by Mike Millaire
Thanks for the ideas, we'll add them to our list.

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