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Mike Millaire

Features List

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Creed: Staying fanatically true to the game's core mechanics, lore and aesthetics

Currently planned in-development features include, but are not limited to:

  • Interfaces rebuilt for 1366x768 (and 1024x768), which scales beautifully to 1920x1080 [in progress]
  • A comprehensive character statistics panel [mostly done]
  • Expanded personal inventory storage capacity [mostly done]
  • Expanded personal stash storage capacity (16x15 vs vanilla 6x8) [done]
  • Expanded Horadric Cube storage capacity (8x8 vs vanilla 3x4) [done]
  • PlugY multi-page stash and shared stash compatibility [compatible]
  • Sven's Glide wrapper compatibility [compatible]
  • ALchemy 3D sound compatibility [compatible]
  • 200+ new skill additions (note that all original Diablo II Lord of Destruction skills and builds are intact) [in progress]
  • Ability to reset attributes and skills [in progress]
  • Ability to enhance items [in progress]
  • Unique graphics for each Unique and Set item [in progress]
  • New Unique items [not started]
  • New item Sets [not started]
  • Addition of new items to existing Sets (where it makes sense) [not started]
  • Throwing potions made viable [in progress]
  • More explanatory labels for mercenary companions [mostly done]
  • An AI overhaul of mercenary companions [in progress]
  • Fully equippable mercenary companions [in progress]
  • New mercenary companion types/classes [in progress]
  • Dialogue, voices and personalities for mercenary companions [not started]
  • An option to hire multiple additional mercenary troops ('cannon fodder' different from equippable mercenary companions) [in progress]
  • An in-depth overhaul of the Lord of Terror encounter [in progress]
  • An in-depth overhaul of the Summoner/Jazreth encounter [in progress]
  • Other boss encounter overhauls [not started]
  • Addition of new boss encounters [not started]
  • Revision of troublesome areas (the Arcane Sanctuary and Maggot Lair in particular) [in progress]
  • Addition of new optional areas to explore [not started]
  • Additional NPCs to interact with in existing areas [not started]
  • Addition of NPC allies to hostile areas [in progress]
  • Addition of new main story quests (Act 4) and side-quests [not started]
  • Addition of new content/storylines for Nightmare and Hell difficulties [not started]

Please note that feature completeness and availability may vary greatly between releases.
Features may be added and/or removed from this list at any time as development progresses.

Features frequently requested by our community (under consideration, may or may not be added to the above list):

  • Active 'charm zone' separated from main inventory
  • Automatic gold pickup
  • Bypassing 25 FPS limit
  • Hotkey shortcuts for inventory management
  • NPC gambling inventory refresh button

If you have any specific feature requests, please post them in this topic.

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