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Mike Millaire

Teaser: The Summoner (upcoming)

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The encounter with the Summoner, Jazreth, always felt underwhelming, especially since it has its own quest log entry and a lot of background lore behind it. In the Enhanced Edition, the encounter as well as the Arcane Sanctuary where it takes place will be thoroughly revised.

The walkways throughout the Arcane Sanctuary will be made wider, so that players and enemies don't get stuck as easily.

It will also be easier to find Horazon's Journal and the new arena-like open space, where the battle with the Summoner will be taking place.


Here's a slightly out of date Dev Preview of the Enclave area:

And, yes - the Summoner will actually summon minions. It's being worked on.

Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.

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