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Mike Millaire

Teaser: The Storyline of Nightmare (upcoming)

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Bored of going through the same quests and events three times?

The Enhanced Edition will introduce a new storyline for the Nightmare difficulty, which will pick up right where the Normal difficulty storyline left off.

“And a child will cradle Terror in his breast as the heart of man falls under the shadow.
A Wanderer will pass through the ancient lands trailing chaos in his wake.
The Three Brothers will be reunited as the mortal world trembles before their might.
And so it was foretold that the Three, once reunited, would be shattered again—
And the last of them would set his sights on the holy mount. The warnings held that
Their defeat would be illusory—that the final gambit had yet to be played...”

- the Prophecies of the Final Day (excerpt from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual)

Upon that Final Day, after the defeat of Baal, the Lord of Destruction and last of the three Prime Evils, it became clear that the Worldstone which protected the realm of Sanctuary from both demonic and angelic interference, has been corrupted by the Evils' influence. Unknowing of the possible consequences of such corruption, Tyrael, Archangel of Justice, was forced to act in haste, and ultimately decided sacrifice his life to destroy the Worldstone, an act that itself could have unforeseen implications for humankind as well.

Tyrael, wielding El'druin, the Sword of Justice, was uniquely equipped to perform this task, for it was said the Sword would cut through any substance in existence.

And so begins the Nightmare; the Archangel of Justice himself, always regarded as humanity's protector, is revealed to be a mere tool, the final gambit of the Prime Evils' elaborate machinations. As it turns out, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred and the eldest of the Three Brothers, orchestrated everything from the safety of the Black Abyss, where the heroes of Light so readily banished him.

“My power is beyond the mortal coil.” - Mephisto

Without the Worldstone acting as a dampening barrier, Mephisto's subliminal powers would seep into the realm of Sanctuary unobstructed.
As it was prophesied:

[...] The righteous shall fall upon the wicked, and lay siege to the very gates of Hell.
And he shall take peace from mankind, and loose great Destruction upon the earth.
The Lord of Hatred shall ascend his throne, and the fires of Hell shall devour all.
And he shall mete out his vengeance upon all flesh, and the blood of innocents shall run as great torrents.
Who then shall be saved?
- an unknown savant
(from 1999 E3 Diablo II trailer)

Terrifyingly, the tendrils of Hatred that you've seen twist the entire religion of Zakarum will spread unrestricted throughout Sanctuary, sowing discord and conflict where Light used to be. Not only will you be faced with the Army of Hatred, carrying the burning standards of Hell... you will have to wisely choose your friends.

Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.

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