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    Hi all I would like to suggest an idea. I like D2 mods very much and the creativity of the moders but I don't see, in any mod available, a possibility that gives the possibility to create or modify the spell - skill of the player by himself. Mostly we have brand new skills to test in the mod and make builds from them, its ok, but when we could have a free slot/slots in the skill tree where we could combine or create our own new skills that would be nice. I will take sorceress for example, after we get a certain level or make a special quest we could make combination of every 2 skills in the skill tree like: Blizzard + Metor = Meteor Shower ( or Comet Shower with cold dmg ? ), Frozen Orb + Lightning = Lightning Orb which shots Lightning spell ( Fire Orb, Poison Orb etc ) Hydra + Fireball = Fire Hydra shots Fireballs ( or Lightning Hydra, Cold Hydra etc ), Fireball + Mana shield = Sphere above you which protects you and shots Fireballs at closest enemy ( like a Sentry Guard ) and so on. That would give the player's own possibility to create a build that others don't have ( or they don't have the idea of it now ), the players would use they own creativity to create strong builds and if they want they could share it here on forum for others.
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