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  1. Full-HD is unavailable at this time. Please understand that our community project is a collection of diverse teams and often solitary developers. High resolution options other than 1366x768 are being worked on by @Necrolis. We have no estimated date of arrival yet, since Nec has other duties that are of higher priority.
  2. Open source software and our project are tightly knit together, you know...
  3. I am still at the hospital, taking care of my health issues. However, the project is progressing as expected. Or better. We will have a big announcement to make in late 2020. Hold on tight, guys. The news will be really, really big for all fans of classic cRPGs! Yours industriously, Mike Millaire-d'Aveyron Creative Director of the Diablo II Community Project
  4. Oh Deckard, where's your cane?

    Can you see stars with all the rain?

    So much wisdom, and no such fame.

    Perhaps a game, yet all the same.

    Prisoner of war, but who's to blame?


    Knowledge of battle you contain.

    You still have your life, so don't restrain.

    Identify for heroes, who need the name.

    Stay alive, Deckard! Don't die in vain!

    Just enough time, for one last game...


    A vital move against evil's reign.

    Ensures survival, though his spirit tame.

    In death's slumber; no pain the same.

    At least in death, sleep you gain;

    Into heaven's light without refrain...


    For Honor 

    of Deckard Cain


    1. Mike Millaire-d'Aveyron

      Mike Millaire-d'Aveyron

      Thank you for sharing this great piece of poetry with the community, StoneHair. 😀

      With your permission, I will aim to include it in the Diablo II project one way or another.

    2. StoneHair


      "No one should ever be caged" Barbarian

      You have my permission

  5. Hey Mike! 

    I just wanted to say, that you and your team are AWESOME!!! I've been loving D2 since the day it came out, and have been constantly trying to up my game, make it more interesting, thank you guys SOOOOOOOOO much for working on this project! I am about to go enjoy it now =]

    1. MrApok


      Also, I would love to help out any way I can... I can start contributing $20/month (or more) if it would help the cause. I do have some great ideas for D2 that I have been lugging around for 10+ years (if you guys are interested that is) =]

    2. Mike Millaire-d'Aveyron

      Mike Millaire-d'Aveyron

      If you can afford to and desire to support the study, development and promotion of our Diablo II community dev projects, you can do so via Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/millaire

      Other ways of contributing towards the continued support and preservation of Diablo 2 legacy will be made available later this year.

      Also, there will be a limited edition of rewards for patrons, to be announced in late spring.

      Thank you for your interest and strong willingness to help our cause!

  6. Hello @Albraxes That is the intended behaviour. As we noted on the release page: New skills are not available for player use in the TAINTED-2 series of releases. What you can currently see is just a static preview of the skill tree expansions that can't be interacted with in any way. The ability to use the new skills will be enabled in the upcoming release series, TAINTED-3, along with many other new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, TAINTED-3 is still a ways off, and I can't accurately estimate when it will arrive.
  7. Update: The following community-requested features are now confirmed to be in development: Active 'charm zone' in main inventory Automatic gold pickup Hotkey shortcuts for inventory management
  8. Many of you guys asked me to set up a Discord server for D2EE, so I did just that.

    Feel free to join: https://discord.gg/RbBzMcG 👈

  9. until

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to the premiere!
  10. The encounter with the Summoner, Jazreth, always felt underwhelming, especially since it has its own quest log entry and a lot of background lore behind it. In the Enhanced Edition, the encounter as well as the Arcane Sanctuary where it takes place will be thoroughly revised. The walkways throughout the Arcane Sanctuary will be made wider, so that players and enemies don't get stuck as easily. It will also be easier to find Horazon's Journal and the new arena-like open space, where the battle with the Summoner will be taking place. Here's a slightly out of date Dev Preview of the Enclave area: And, yes - the Summoner will actually summon minions. It's being worked on. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  11. The Enhanced Edition's new Nightmare difficulty storyline will at one point enable you to revisit the Monastery of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, also known as the Eastgate Monastery. While you were busy chasing the Prime Evils, the Sisterhood managed to reclaim their ancestral home. The world of Sanctuary after the Worldstone's destruction. Below you will find a series of images and videos detailing our project's progress on restoring the Monastery for use in the Nightmare difficulty storyline. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  12. Bored of going through the same quests and events three times? The Enhanced Edition will introduce a new storyline for the Nightmare difficulty, which will pick up right where the Normal difficulty storyline left off. “And a child will cradle Terror in his breast as the heart of man falls under the shadow. A Wanderer will pass through the ancient lands trailing chaos in his wake. The Three Brothers will be reunited as the mortal world trembles before their might. And so it was foretold that the Three, once reunited, would be shattered again— And the last of them would set his sights on the holy mount. The warnings held that Their defeat would be illusory—that the final gambit had yet to be played...” - the Prophecies of the Final Day (excerpt from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual) Upon that Final Day, after the defeat of Baal, the Lord of Destruction and last of the three Prime Evils, it became clear that the Worldstone which protected the realm of Sanctuary from both demonic and angelic interference, has been corrupted by the Evils' influence. Unknowing of the possible consequences of such corruption, Tyrael, Archangel of Justice, was forced to act in haste, and ultimately decided sacrifice his life to destroy the Worldstone, an act that itself could have unforeseen implications for humankind as well. Tyrael, wielding El'druin, the Sword of Justice, was uniquely equipped to perform this task, for it was said the Sword would cut through any substance in existence. And so begins the Nightmare; the Archangel of Justice himself, always regarded as humanity's protector, is revealed to be a mere tool, the final gambit of the Prime Evils' elaborate machinations. As it turns out, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred and the eldest of the Three Brothers, orchestrated everything from the safety of the Black Abyss, where the heroes of Light so readily banished him. “My power is beyond the mortal coil.” - Mephisto Without the Worldstone acting as a dampening barrier, Mephisto's subliminal powers would seep into the realm of Sanctuary unobstructed. As it was prophesied: [...] The righteous shall fall upon the wicked, and lay siege to the very gates of Hell. And he shall take peace from mankind, and loose great Destruction upon the earth. The Lord of Hatred shall ascend his throne, and the fires of Hell shall devour all. And he shall mete out his vengeance upon all flesh, and the blood of innocents shall run as great torrents. Who then shall be saved? - an unknown savant (from 1999 E3 Diablo II trailer) Terrifyingly, the tendrils of Hatred that you've seen twist the entire religion of Zakarum will spread unrestricted throughout Sanctuary, sowing discord and conflict where Light used to be. Not only will you be faced with the Army of Hatred, carrying the burning standards of Hell... you will have to wisely choose your friends. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
  13. The Enhanced Edition will expand the skill trees of all character classes, both horizontally and vertically, following the principles of our skill design methodology. In the first stage of skill additions, we are focusing on horizontal expansion, i.e. adding skills unlocked at character levels 1 to 30. “We wanted to put cooler stuff toward the bottom.” - David Brevik Each of the seven character classes will have their amount of skills doubled, which means a total of 210 skill additions. We are going from 3 skill columns on each tab to 6, employing a layout that is symmetrical to the placement of the original skills. Our main aim in this stage is increasing the skill variety available to each character class. While all character classes will maintain their traditional flair and dominant theme, the boundaries between them will become more blurred, allowing for playstyles previously associated with one class to be applicable to others, creating new and interesting combinations of skillsets. This could be interpreted as an introduction of multi-classing into the existing class system, though we see it as a very slight nod in the direction of the first instalment of the Diablo series, where spells were largely transferable between classes, with each class having their unique ability and aptitude. For example, the Barbarian will be able to focus on bows or crossbows. His use of these missile weapons will differ from that of the Amazon, however. Where the Amazon predominantly uses magic to enhance her arrows, the Barbarian bowmaster prefers sheer brute force, overdrawing his bow to deliver devastating physical damage. The Necromancer will be able to specialize in melee fighting with daggers or polearms, much like a Barbarian would. He will also gain the ability to construct bone turrets that will channel magic missiles and launch them against his enemies, in a manner similar to the traps laid by an Assassin. Both the Necromancer and the Sorceress will have more choices with regard to the shapes and forms of magic they are able to evoke within the restrictions of their elemental specialities. While the Necromancer will be able to spew a jet of noxious fumes, the Sorceress will have the similar ability of unleashing a continuous flow of cold or lightning, in addition to the fire-based skill she already had. The Sorceress might also call forth elemental minions not entirely unlike the fire golem animated by a Necromancer. Please note that the information provided in this teaser is not final, and subject to changes.
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