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Feature Request (Diablo II)

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First of, great work! After year or so of waiting for project to get more mature I went and installed it (had hell of a trouble figuring out reshade filters untill I got them just about right). Glide is finally working on my system, perspective is on, and the quality of image is better than on draw/D3D. Looking forward to the new skillset also.

Second, I see the resolution options in D2ExpRes.ini, and sure enough when I change it to 1980x1080, thing works and looks extremely sharp and good, but of course with expected problems. Besides of UI  which needs repositioning and tweaking of all those elements, what else was changed in render because with classic multiress1.13c.dll there was no black square-glitches all over the top of the screen. Where would I start to tweak things for UI and the rest of elements?

I just want to play singleplayer/offline and on big tv so I do not have issue with seeing bit further in distance than on standard resolution, even if it makes game bit unbalanced because of it, the quality and richness of image on FHD is worth it...

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Full-HD is unavailable at this time.

Please understand that our community project is a collection of diverse teams and often solitary developers.

High resolution options other than 1366x768 are being worked on by @Necrolis. We have no estimated date of arrival yet, since Nec has other duties that are of higher priority.

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