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Revision: TAINTED-2.2 is now available

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We are pleased to announce that the TAINTED-2.2 revision of the Enhanced Edition is now available.

It is strongly recommended that all current TAINTED-2 series users upgrade to TAINTED-2.2.

New in this release:

Fixed: Issues and crashes related to the inventory and NPC trade panels should now be fixed [fix]

Fixed: Gold should now drop less frequently from regular monsters [fix]

Fixed: The Summoner's skillset was reverted to vanilla skills. This is a temporary fix to make it easier to progress through Act 2. [fix]

Misc: Removed more unnecessary files from Patch_D2.mpq [optimization]

Misc: The Enhanced Edition installers should now automatically detect your Diablo II installation folder and install files into the correct subdirectory without the need for manual path entry. Advanced users can, of course, install the files to any directory and manually carry them over to their desired location. [convenience]

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