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  5. I guess I'm missing something... I downloaded and installed D2SE to the Diablo II directory. Now what? There's no Enhanced Edition applications to run. Just a bunch of files that I can't do anyting with.
  6. Raven_0

    Feature Requests

    I'm gonna add a second vote for the auto gold pickup plugin. There is one written for 1.10 here: https://www.snej.org/forum/index.php?topic=48424.msg779762#msg779762 It does not work in 1.13d though, I tried to load it, no gameplay change. I really miss this plugin from my 1.10 days.
  7. Development on the mod is alive or you've abandoned it?
  8. The melee companions (desert merc, Barbarians) seems to have a very defensive stance. they do not fight any monster further than maybe 10m-15m away from the player hero. If the enemy happens to run away they will chase and comes back after a few meters then chases again and back and forth. was fighting blood raven with a bow amazon with my barbarian merc and he's pretty much useless most times they are too dependent on who the player is targeting and will only target that. they dont target the next monster beside them unless the player targets that monster. this kind of companion playstyle is good for the Rogue's but is really annoying for the melee ones. and btw, in act III and above the only shrines i see are health, mana with rarely mana regen shrines and everything else are mysterious shrines. where are the defence, battle, gem and others? i get why portals were disable but why most dissappeared?
  9. AtzaMan

    Feature Requests

    Any chance of making CnCNet / cnc-ddraw compatible with Diablo II Enhanced Edition ? This is a GDI, OpenGL and Direct3D 9 re-implementation of the DirectDraw API for classic games for better compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Wine - CnCNet/cnc-ddraw Texture upscalers like xbrz-freescale.glsl produce a much smoother visual result than any native Glide or Reshade upscaling technique. For example, the fonts are smoother and less pixelated For the full resolution image, and not this downscaled forum attachment, click here
  10. Есть они вообще? Если есть где их взять и runewords зарание спасибо.
  11. same for me when I try to launch it just crashes no warning
  12. SteveD2k

    Crash fog.dll

    Mine just keeps coming back with "corrupted"
  13. Smadderfar

    Crash fog.dll

    Did you ever resolve this issue? I've tried everything, D2SE seems completely broken, doesn't matter what mod I try and launch
  14. When I click start plugin in D2SE, nothing happens.
  15. As noted on the release page, new skills are not yet made available for players in release TAINTED-2.2.
  16. Second attempt. Maybe this time somebody answer it...
  17. epsx

    Crash fog.dll

    Faulting application name: D2SE.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4db5dc5f Faulting module name: Fog.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x3f8a5c4f Exception code: 0xc00000fd Fault offset: 0x000145d7 Faulting process id: 0x21e8 Faulting application start time: 0x01d5df645264c15a Faulting application path: C:\Games\Diablo II\D2SE.exe Faulting module path: C:\Games\Diablo II\D2SE\CORES\1.10f\Fog.dll1 When i press start plugin in the D2SE. instatly closing, no other notification.
  18. Full-HD is unavailable at this time. Please understand that our community project is a collection of diverse teams and often solitary developers. High resolution options other than 1366x768 are being worked on by @Necrolis. We have no estimated date of arrival yet, since Nec has other duties that are of higher priority.
  19. Mike

    Great work!

    Open source software and our project are tightly knit together, you know...
  20. The short answer is: yes.
  21. Kabal

    Feature Requests

    Hi all I would like to suggest an idea. I like D2 mods very much and the creativity of the moders but I don't see, in any mod available, a possibility that gives the possibility to create or modify the spell - skill of the player by himself. Mostly we have brand new skills to test in the mod and make builds from them, its ok, but when we could have a free slot/slots in the skill tree where we could combine or create our own new skills that would be nice. I will take sorceress for example, after we get a certain level or make a special quest we could make combination of every 2 skills in the skill tree like: Blizzard + Metor = Meteor Shower ( or Comet Shower with cold dmg ? ), Frozen Orb + Lightning = Lightning Orb which shots Lightning spell ( Fire Orb, Poison Orb etc ) Hydra + Fireball = Fire Hydra shots Fireballs ( or Lightning Hydra, Cold Hydra etc ), Fireball + Mana shield = Sphere above you which protects you and shots Fireballs at closest enemy ( like a Sentry Guard ) and so on. That would give the player's own possibility to create a build that others don't have ( or they don't have the idea of it now ), the players would use they own creativity to create strong builds and if they want they could share it here on forum for others.
  22. Oh Deckard, where's your cane?

    Can you see stars with all the rain?

    So much wisdom, and no such fame.

    Perhaps a game, yet all the same.

    Prisoner of war, but who's to blame?


    Knowledge of battle you contain.

    You still have your life, so don't restrain.

    Identify for heroes, who need the name.

    Stay alive, Deckard! Don't die in vain!

    Just enough time, for one last game...


    A vital move against evil's reign.

    Ensures survival, though his spirit tame.

    In death's slumber; no pain the same.

    At least in death, sleep you gain;

    Into heaven's light without refrain...


    For Honor 

    of Deckard Cain


    1. Mike


      Thank you for sharing this great piece of poetry with the community, StoneHair. 😀

      With your permission, I will aim to include it in the Diablo II project one way or another.

    2. StoneHair


      "No one should ever be caged" Barbarian

      You have my permission

  23. aris1

    Feature Requests

    Further more, the suggestions about gems and runes and more words with gems in the combinations/more gems qualities. Why make the system more complicated? What made rune words and gems so great was the simplicity of it all and how easy it was to understand. Now you want to make it bigger and more complicated? Gems were not meant to be as powerful as runes. This is a given. And all of them were useful in their own ways. especially Topaz, Diamond, and Ruby. Rune words only requiring 1 rune? Whats the point in them being rune words at that point? The thing that makes rune words so special is that you have to assemble all of the pieces and you get this amazing piece of gear at the end. You're going to take away the struggle for instant gratification? Or you just can't put the runes in the correct order when there's a website that tells you exactly what every recipe is and the order? Charms with sockets? Why? They don't need sockets. At this point you are over complicating these simple things. Charms are exactly what charms are supposed to be. They do not need sockets. They are CHARMS. NOT gear. Charms are not a socketable thing. It doesn't even make sense logically. How about just improve the quality of the game rather than changing its mechanics. ESPECIALLY it's best attribute, I say again, its ITEM SYSTEM. Don't. Mess with it.
  24. aris1

    Feature Requests

    DO NOT MESS WITH THE ITEM SYSTEM OF DIABLO. I like this project, but you people are painting with some very wide colorful brushes just throwing out ideas you think are neat and cool. This game is good because of the way it was designed. Ethreal items ARE good in Diablo. You just have to find the right way to use them. If you never used an ethreal item in D2, then you have no room to speak on it. Literally all seasoned D2 players have used Ethreal items. Ethreal is MEANT to be a negative thing until it is "accidentally" by chance matched with the indestructible property, repair durability property, or used on a mercenary. This is what made Ethreal so unique and such an interesting part of Diablo 2. Start changing things like this and you will ruin what was already GREAT about Diablo. Do NOT add a way to craft class specific items. Crafting was merely a way to bridge the gap between what you had and what you needed. Not a way to make the best items in the game. Crafting does produce some really good things like rings, gloves, boots, amulets, but the reason why Pelts, Barb helms, and other items are SO VALUABLE is because you have to go find them in the world. Being able to Craft them just makes that process easier and less rewarding. Using body parts to craft things? What? Why? So people farm each other over and over again? This idea just sounds very colorful and ridiculous. Great thinking outside the box, but it's just weird and necessary. Be careful making rares better. They should NOT compete with Uniques in most cases. Uniques are SUPPOSED to be better than rares. Rares are where rares are supposed to be. Now, I will say some rare armors and helmets(obviously not circlets or class specific helms) seem to be non existent in terms of usefulness. If we could make rare armors/helmets(not circlets or class specific helms) somehow level with the way boots, gloves, rings, amulets, and belts are useful in endgame gear, I could maybe see an argument for that, but even THAT is a long stretch. I am not trying to bash anyone or hate on peoples ideas here, I just want folks to step back and realize that you are not a game designer and Diablo II was the best hacker slasher ever created based on it's ITEM SYSTEM and play style long before you touched the game. Granted there are some shortcomings in it's design, the item system was NOT one of them. Please have a little respect and don't ruin this game's future with wild redesigning of how it worked before. Shortcomings would include things like: Stash size was ridiculous. The inability to transfer items across characters. Teleport allowing players to run through dungeons at light speed and farm bosses or rush people through the game. The maggot lair map. Act 3's entire map being insane and confusing. Bots. The list could go on. But THESE are the type of things this ENHANCEMENT should aim to fix. Not reworking the design of the game's best attribute, it's item system.
  25. Attempting to open the character stat screen crashes the game without fail.
  26. Hey Mike! 

    I just wanted to say, that you and your team are AWESOME!!! I've been loving D2 since the day it came out, and have been constantly trying to up my game, make it more interesting, thank you guys SOOOOOOOOO much for working on this project! I am about to go enjoy it now =]

    1. MrApok


      Also, I would love to help out any way I can... I can start contributing $20/month (or more) if it would help the cause. I do have some great ideas for D2 that I have been lugging around for 10+ years (if you guys are interested that is) =]

    2. Mike


      If you can afford to and desire to support the study, development and promotion of our Diablo II community dev projects, you can do so via Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/millaire

      Other ways of contributing towards the continued support and preservation of Diablo 2 legacy will be made available later this year.

      Also, there will be a limited edition of rewards for patrons, to be announced in late spring.

      Thank you for your interest and strong willingness to help our cause!

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